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Chances TO Become Top Rated Selleter

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That wouldn’t be right. The Top Rated Seller badge is the only badge that is chosen by human beings, the Fiverr editors. It’s based on many things, Fiverr has to trust the person they honor as TRS. Besides, you’re making a promise you can’t keep:

"I will fix WordPress installation issue in 1 hour for $5 "

Really? Are you God? Are you always awake? Do you have a team of people? Your own gig says that you deliver " 2 Days On Average."

And people have to pay extra for 1-day delivery. If I see this, the Fiverr editors see it

I also took a look at this gig: I will do On Page Optimization for 5 Web Pages for $5

You have two extremely negative reviews from the same buyer:

“Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

That looks very fact, in fact, I would delete that gig if I were you and start a new one. I have never had an order forced cancelled, I always deliver ahead of time. If it’s due in 3 days, I deliver in 2 days, 2 days and 20 hours is I’m really busy, yet I’m rarely that busy because I’m consistent about getting work done every day.

Also, you’re from Pakistan and you have a picture of a sexy blonde woman. This makes people suspicious. Now if the woman was standing in a Pakistani street or restaurant, then it might be believable.

Moreover, one of your gigs:
“I will fix and secure your hacked WordPress site for $5”

Has a picture of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. That’s proprietary, even if you manipulated that picture and added text, you could get in trouble for that.

Besides, your positive rating is only 92%, mine was 99% when I became TRS.

So you see, this isn’t likely to happen for you. Sorry to tell you that.

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I don’t know why so many users are so crazy about this Top rated seller status. Just focus on great work and provide outstanding service! There are many level 2 sellers who get tons of orders and even more business than some of the top rated sellers here 😉

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