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Tips to optimize your gigs and increase your sale


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1.Your Gig Description is Critical! First of all, it must be 100% grammatically correct. This does not simply mean “correct spelling”, but grammar and punctuation as well. Your Gig Description will not typically consist of one, long, unending sentence. Also, it must clearly detail what you WILL and WILL NOT do for your $5 Fee.

2.Use Backlinks from Social Media. This is a hidden secret of top sellers. You cannot simply create a gig on Fiverr, and then sit back waiting for the money to come rolling in. Post advertisements on your social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

3.Use Backlinks from other Forums. The Warrior Forum is an excellent site for posting an advertisement about your Fiverr Gig. Also, include your gig link in your signatures of these forums. Next, respond to conversation threads that discuss Fiverr topics. Warrior forum is full of them. This gets your name out there without having to pay for an advertisement on the Forum.

4.Over-deliver. If you are offering a 30-second video for $5, send your client a 60-second video instead. If you are offering writing services of 500 words for $5, give them 700 words instead. Always deliver a couple of days earlier than your gig advertises. And always POLITELY make your clients aware of the Fast Service and Extra Work that you gave them for free.

5.Use the Fiverr Forum and Blog. Fiverr is a community of very diverse people. It is a very SOCIAL site. Website owners make friends with writers, and each of them refer business contacts to each other. Offer to trade services with other Fiverr members in order to boost your sales and ratings numbers. Post an advertisement saying, “Mention this blog post and get a free .

Establishing an online reputation on Fiverr will never be instantaneous. It takes patience and hard work, especially in the beginning stages. But once the Gigs begin to take off, the money comes pouring in on its own!

Sheriff’s Note: This content does not appear to be original. It has appeared on at least one other website in 2013 and appears to have been copied on the Fiverr forum. @sophia174 : If you copy tips, please credit the source. Plagiarism is not supported here.

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