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Can I share My Friend's Payoneer Card?


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I am new to fiverr and this forum so not sure this is the right category to post this discussion.

By the way, paypal don’t support in my country so Payoneer is the only way to withdraw money from fiverr. Few days ago I request a fiverr card but unfortunately I didn’t received as I am from a rural area.

However, one of my friend work in fiverr and he has Payoneer card!

Can I use his Payoneer card to withdraw money?

NOTE: He also work in fiverr and the Payoneer card already associated with his account.


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No, you are not allowed to have more than one account on Fiverr and if you tried to connect someone else’s Payoneer account, they would think one person set up two accounts and would ban them.

I am not even sure if the system would even let something like that go through. Anyone else know?

Some people work on Fiverr and hire other people to do work for them. I suppose it’s possible that if deleted your account and your friend posted your gigs on his account and then sent you all the work for those gigs, then he could pay you for doing the work. But your friend may want to keep some of the money for having to do all that for you.

However I am not sure if accessing the same account in two different locations would work, anyone else know about that?

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To answer @sincere18, I am not sure but I doubt the system would allow the attachment of the same payment method to 2 accounts no matter where they are located. I agree that it might be possible to subcontract for the friend, but I doubt that covers the intent. Most people who would want to have separate accounts also want the ability to have more than 7 gigs, etc. Since one account can only have 7 gigs and a very limited number of extras, it wouldn’t fit the needs for most people.

The other issue is that if 2 people are sharing and account by being a team or subcontracting, the account owner has to take all the responsibility for any review/rating issues, all correspondence and things like gig descriptions, videos, and so on. It isn’t against the ToS to have 2 people share ONE account, but as mentioned, it is against the ToS to have 2 accounts sharing one payment method. Trying it could easily get both accounts banned.

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