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Level "TOP RATED SELLER" must "Community Leadership" what does that mean?


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Some people will say that it just means forum participation, but I cannot say that is true because there are quite a lot of current Top Rated Sellers that have rarely been on the forums if at all. I would agree that it’s part of the idea. I think any of these could be considered “Community Leadership” and you could do some or all of these:

    • Helping other sellers/buyers via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Providing stellar customer support to your clients which is leading by example
    • Leading a Community Event in your region
    • Helping other sellers/buyers via the Fiverr forums
    • Writing articles on blogs or other locations providing tips to Fiverr users

In doing these things, you still cannot break the rule about outside contact information, but that doesn’t apply in most of these cases. You can encounter other users off-Fiverr in social media or at community events and help them and that doesn’t violate any rules. You can meet people on Fiverr and if you attend a Fiverr event where you meet them later, that doesn’t violate any rules. What would violate rules is using the Fiverr forum or website to give out contact information.

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Reply to @jtengle: From what I’ve observed, the community leadership part isn’t treated like a requirement but might help someone get that extra push if they had all the criteria but were close to the edge on some point.

I’ve seen people who did appear active in the community who got TRS badges with a lot fewer sales than others. I also think that TRS who got their badges in the earlier days of Fiverr had less criteria to fight with since there wasn’t as much competition.

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The criteria for becoming a Top Rated Seller.

Gig: Is your Gig unique, well-presented, and highly sought-after?
Volume of sales: The more sales you’ve made, the better.
Rating: The higher your buyers rate you, the better.
Professionalism: How well do you present yourself and your Gig?
Customer service: How have you shown your buyers that you care about them?
Community leadership: How involved are you with the Fiverr community?
Seniority: How long have you been a Fiverr seller?

You can get full detail on this link.

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