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Why My Rating Drop 100% to 98% Without any Reason

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@webexpert1313 is correct if you got at least 1 or 2 4.5/5 rating then that will affect your overall positive rating score as you only have 11 completed orders, but don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂

You do have some options.

You can contact the buyer who gave you a below 5 star rating and ask them nicely if they wouldn’t mind giving you a 5 star or if there was something about the order they didn’t like and would like to tell you so you may know the reason for the 5 star rating and possible help to change it to 5 star. Please note that the feedback/rating can only be changed if the order has not been "full way’ completed ( 2 weeks funds clearing timeframe passed).
Work on completing many more orders (all 5 star reviews) and eventually the average will even out and your ratings should increase if you get many more 5 star ratings over the 1 or 2 below 5 star rates. Its all maths

P.S. 98% is still very good too!

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