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8 ways for a successful income on Fiverr PLUS A CHECKLIST TO SUCCESS!

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  1. Build your brand and be aware that people love good new ideas.



  2. When creating a gig, don’t just copy some text and that’s it. Think about a real unique service such as I will say your message in the pool or something really crazy like that!



  3. Always make sure your text is original and easy to read. People are not interested reading something not spelled right and boring content.



  4. Keep improving your gigs. Everyday. The same way you have to keep thinking of new ideas to be successful in the real business world Fiverr is the same! Always update your gig images and text and be sure to view important posts on the forum.



  5. Never ever ever request to be paid outside of Fiverr. That’s not only against the rules it’s also not fair. Fiverr provides everyone with sales thru their advertising.



  6. Offer your services outside of Fiverr using your business everywhere feature. Promote yourself on social media and you’ll see that more views mean more business.



  7. Unique content is also a must. Never ever copy someone’s gig. That’s not right and would not help you.



  8. Want to make even more money? Always use your custom offer feature to earn more. When someone inquires about your service. Clearly set up a proposal for which he would accept it if he is enticed by your awesome proposal.




    IF YOU ARE A NEW SELLER: Please go here to learn how Fiverr works:






    Being awesome and motivated adds towards your success! Never give up and keep on updating your gigs and keep on promoting yourself! Write unique press release for each of your gigs and start a free blog at blogger.com Write your gig’s content like a story that will keep your viewer on board longer. Always make sure to have a great video for your gigs. That just sells more.




    Answer these questions, you’ll then know if you’re on the right track to success:



  9. All my gigs have a video that I enjoy to watch and clearly explains my service? {YES} {NO}

  10. All my gigs are clear-cut, even I understand what I offer clearly. All my gigs feature 3 images and 2 pdf’s which are attractive. {YES} {NO}

  11. My bio is up to date and easy to read. {YES} {NO}

  12. I myself won’t click on my gig if I see it in the search results. {YES} {NO}

  13. I try to promote my services whenever I can. {YES} {NO}

  14. I am always positive and happy with my buyers. {YES} {NO}

  15. If my profile was to be rated from all profiles on Fiverr I would get a 10 out of 10? {YES} {NO}

  16. I am honest, my work is honest and I am an active Fiverr member. {YES} {NO}




    If you get everything right, you’re on the way to success.




    Bonus: 9. I enjoy my coffee while viewing the forum? {YES} {NO}

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