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Cranky Buyers - Being Smart


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Hello All,

I just want to encourage each of us to beware of those buyers who literally log into fiver after getting their monthly bills or have a diaper to change. I recently had this buyer who decided that after receiving his first successful Gig, wanted more… but this time around, wanted a discount. Upon negotiating with this person, the price came down from 3/4 to 1/2 of the previous order. The user made up his mind to continue to complain, curse, and “Demand”… yes ‘demand’ that I give him a custom order for what He wants.

Sellers - Please, bargain if you must, but don’t let any buyer take you for granted if you know you deliver top quality work, and know that the workload will be tremendous on your part.

  • Be Professional, Be Nice, Be Firm, Be Respectful…but most importantly, Be Smart.

    Ending my experience:

    He said he will not pay nothing more than “1/4” of the first offer for this job, or he will do it himself…

    My Reply: "Unfortunately We cannot accept less than ‘1/2 price’ for this order. We really wish you the best with your future endeavors, and I appreciate your honesty. "

    Mr Cranky responded within seconds - Accepting the custom order.

    Good Luck To You All, and Smart Selling!



    Sheriff’s Note: Other copies of this post will be removed. Please read the forum Do’s and Dont’s.

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