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Dealing with the 'cheaters'


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Recently, I had an order for my gig “Advertise for you on my daily blog”. The buyer purchased my basic gig which is for $5 without any extra gig.

As I delivered the order, the buyer requested for more such as including link url, contact details and all which did not come with the basic gig order!.

The buyer refused to accept my delivery until I assured him of reporting him to the customer support team then he later accepted my delivery and marked me a 5.0 star review.

These are some of the things sellers have to deal with on fiverr. As much as you want to establish your career as a freelancer on fiverr, do not be bullied by some of these buyers.

Stand for what you offer and never deliver more or less of that which you stated on your gig!

Its good to deliver an outstanding order as a plus to your customer especially when there is that common respect between the two, not when one wants to cheat the other!

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I agree and I recommand even if he does that always explain it to him nicely to avoid getting less than 5 stars, because if you be rude with him even knowing he’s trying to cheat you he can give you less than 5 stars and no one can change that.

So be always nice and explain it with simple words.

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It shouldn’t take you threatening him with reporting him to Customer Support to get him to stop bullying you. Threats from either side of the party is not a tolerated behavior between users in the Fiverr community, so be careful. He could have easily reported you for threatening him, which could have resulted in a warning on your account which can affect your Levels (both promotion and demotion). I’ve seen it happen. Don’t ever chance something like that, warnings cannot be removed from you account. Always keep things polite and professional while communicating with other users. If you’re upset take a minute to walk away from the computer till you’re ready to speak with them directly.

With that said, if a Buyer is ever bullying you, threatening you, or abusing the order features in an effort to get the work or additional services for free and/or is trying to get you to cancel in the same manner, don’t threaten the Buyer - simply report them and the order to Customer Service providing screenshots as evidence.

They remain (distant) but involved as you communicate with the Buyer directly - all while it unfolds in real time. All you need to do is update them when with any new communication with the Buyer’s response (again sending screenshots). If at any point you need them to step in (you’re no longer feel comfortable as the threats are on-going) or have questions on how to respond they will be right there to assist you.

If it ever escalates to the point where they’ve given you advice, but you’re still being threaten (basically with CS’s own words), they can and will even step in to communicate with the Buyer directly regarding the order.

It’s important to report Buyers like these regard of a 5-star review. Just because you didn’t cave into his threats doesn’t mean he won’t do it again to another Seller. If he behaved this way with you, he will most certainly behave this way to other Sellers and bully them in an effort to gain additional word. Be proactive and always report Buyer’s like these, even if it’s just to give Customer Service a “heads up”. Fiverr will always review a user’s behavior when made aware about it. It’s this type of reporting that will help keep the community clean and safe for all users.

From Fiverr’s Abuse policy: “If you are on the receiving end of abuse, we want to know about it.”

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