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Live Now: Upgrade Your Gig with a “Stock Image” Extra


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Fiverr is excited to announce an update for the Buyers and Sellers of creative services in our community. Stock images from Getty Images® are available as Gig Extras for $10 an image. Access to these images will help you enhance your offering, to customers while opening up new business opportunities.

By adding stock Image Extras, Fiverr sellers will receive:

  • Free access to a massive library of exclusive content without a subscription
  • Increased efficiency by saving time searching for images
  • A new revenue stream: 25% of the price of each stock image purchased for your Gigs
    "25%" means that $2.50 is your net profit for each image.

Once the buyer buys the extra, you, as the seller, will select which image to use right from the order page. No additional work required.

Buyers and Sellers cannot use images in templates to create multiple copies of the same Gig for the same or different Buyers.

To improve transparency and reduce potential cancellation, it’s best to consult with your buyer before selecting the images. Once you deliver your work, the buyer will be able to see the images you used.

In the future, we’ll make it possible for both buyers and sellers to pick the images before the order is delivered. We’ll also integrate the feature right into the Gig requirements. Many more updates are planned for this. So stay tuned!

Which category is it available for?

The feature is currently available in selected categories only. The full list of categories along with other useful information.

This feature has been automatically enabled in some categories. If you prefer not to include this as an extra, make sure you disable it from your relevant Gigs by doing the following:
  • My Sales > My Gigs > Edit the relevant Gig.
  • Under "Set your Gig pricing" uncheck the box labeled "Stock".

We have also fixed all of the issues that some of you have been experiencing:
  • Not being able to save Gig edits with the Stock extra.
  • Receiving Stock extra orders without being able to fulfill them and more.

If you have any additional questions or feedback, please post them here. We’ll be happy to address them.
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