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TOS Question - I've read it and am still wondering


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So with the creation of my fiverr account, I have big visions of what this site can do for me. When I say “me”, I really mean “my business”. My main gig now, consisting of writing jingles, provides the service of two individuals. Myself, who writes, records and produces the tracks, and my associate, who sings and writes lyrics. We are a package deal and complete our gigs as a team (much likes others do).

With all of the talk about having “one” fiverr account, I question who the owner of the account really is. Is it me? The so-called administrator of the account? Or maybe my company, as this particular account is comprised of offerings from my staff.

I, personally, have more offerings than what I put up for my currently “company” account. If I was to create another account for my own use to post those offerings, would that be a violation of the TOS? What about my associate creating his own account for separate offerings?

Nowhere could I find that the TOS requires an account to be owned by an individual, rather than a company, or vice versa.

With my interpretation, one account could be owned and managed by my company, offering full service gigs, and I could have my personal account that offers different gigs, outside the realm of my company’s offerings. Likewise, my associate could have his own, offering his individual services, as well.

In the US, there are many situations where this exact situation takes place. An individual can provide a service or product, as themselves, and simultaneously create an LLC, or similar structured business, that is considered a separate entity from the individual.

Even if I was determined to be the owner of the current account, and not eligible for another, could my associate still have an alternate account, as he doesn’t administer the current one?

This may be a little extreme, but it certainly provides room for further investigation to the functionality and possibilities of fiverr. It may even warrant further review by the fiverr legal team to validate the situation. Maybe a forum admin or fiverr rep could advise.

*** let me clarify by stating that we currently have only one single account between myself and my associate, and do not intend, at this point, in creating others ***

It’s just something that I have been contemplating and could not find sufficient information to satisfy my wondering mind. >-)

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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you! In my short time here, I have already learned to trust in your wisdom! I may be overanalyzing the situation, but as business grows, I may need to explore my options! When I move up (hopefully) and inquire to the fiverr team directly, I will certainly share with my fellow fiverr’ers! <-- that’s a hard one to say!

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My boyfriend and I Steven have a couple’s gig that is featured on my account (fiverr.com/sincerelymegan). He has his own account where he provides his own services (fiverr.com/stevensays).

Anyways, he wanted to offer some proofreading services but we decided to place it on my account since it gets a little bit more traffic then his.

I don’t know if I violate the TOS, but Fiverr has done nothing about it and actually featured our couples gig lol. We are planning to continue to create joint services on my account in the future, while offering services on different accounts.

So, from my experiences, I haven’t been banned so I don’t think it violates the TOS. I think what Fiverr is mostly concerned about is fraud and other things like that. Personally, I think it would be a good idea for you and your associate to have different accounts for your separate services, then have joint accounts for collab services. You can check CS to see if it’s okay, but honestly I don’t think they would have a problem with it as long as you aren’t robbing people from money lol.

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