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Quick questions for the Writers on Fiverr


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Hi guys,

Newbie here…

long time reader, first time question asker…sorta…

This question is for the writers on fiverr, those of you who create articles, stories or any other aspect of creative writing. Do you ever ask where the content is going or will be used for? For example, a buyer of mine has a drawing of character that they have developed (He is a cute little guy too) He asked me to write a creative back story about the character but that’s it. He gave me total creative control and I had alot of fun. I wondered if he was starting a childrens book, or maybe the character was some sort of mascot or something…IDK, maybe I’m just noisy like my mom says. lol I’ve also had a few of my buyers ask for my pen name to give me credit. I’m not concerned about the credit or anything like that. Anything I write for a client is theirs and they are free to do with it as they please. I was just wondering if it is rude of me to ask? is there an unspoken Fiverr code against that? Should I expect my buyers to tell me upfront? Yea, I maybe thinking too much about this…either way, I would love to hear from you!



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Guest mrspanda

I am not a writer on Fiverr but I am contracted through blogs and other websites. I also ghostwrite.

I have never asked what my content would be used for mainly because I figured that if they are not asking for anything illegal, it would not be used illegally, either. Once something is purchased from me, I forfeit all rights and I really just never think about it again.

I wouldn’t ask your buyers to tell you upfront unless there is something you are genuinely concerned about. However, if you are curious about what that particular person that you wrote the backstory for is going to do with it, I don’t see why you shouldn’t ask. It’s friendly and polite conversation! Tell him you’re just curious because you had so much fun with it and you’d love to see where your work was going!


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