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Why banner ad design need to be simple


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Most of the buyers here need to get some banner ad designs regarding their products and they always looking for great design. I am writing this because to explain why most talented designers do not use much graphic effects on their designs

  1. Visitors should interest about the product

    When seen an banner ad they should able to identify what it is going to advertise at once. Ad should be eye catching but it should highlight the product not the design. Otherwise people will see a nice banner but they don’t feel why it is there

  2. Heavy designs gives the feeling of scam

    Highly animated and blinking ads gives the feeling of scam so when you need to get an animated banner just add simple animation then it looks professional and clean then buyer get somewhat of trust on your ad

  3. Internet filled with fake ads

    sellers always looks at the ads with bad attitude due to the number of ads placed on INTERNET advertising scam services

    So buyers to get the maximum use of your banner ad try to discuss with designer and get some simple, clean and professional design without running after advertisements with heavy graphic effects. Clean designs communicate your idea to visitor at once.
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