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Best practices in reaching Level 1 seller profile in the technical/ technological writing space!


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Today I’ve reached Level 1 as a seller on Fiverr and I must say there are some awesome features that are unlocked for me. It’s just great. This truly is something awesome and beneficial to every seller. So, I decided to share how I reached to this level in the technical and technology space.

I write website content ranging from Linux to programming to the whole content of a company website itself. Following are the things that I did right , that lead my gig to be discovered without any promotions on any platform nor without any prior experience in freelancing.

  1. The very first thing is to ask yourself , “is it what you are going to do, something you love to do?”. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not because you can use the Fiverr platform to learn and grow. So it is more important to know if you are passionate about it and not just doing it for money. The reason behind it is that, if you are doing this just for money then your mindset will be different and it will become hard to grow.

  2. Selecting a niche. I was good at writing and good at technical concepts and things related to it. So , I created a technical writing gig. The advantage I had there was that not many gigs were there who did only technical writings. So, my gig was easily recognized. Always choose something very specific if the thing that you do has a lot of competitors.

  3. Ask the buyer to provide a detail of what he/she needs and see if you can actually do justice to it. Sometimes the areas that they want are difficult or time taking. In such cases tell them honestly that you won’t be able to do it. Don’t take it up just because you want to take up something. This will make the buyers come back with something that you can actually do justice to. Also by being honest you are avoiding a bad review. I’m fortunate to have not received any bad review till now.

  4. If possible, ask the buyer to make an order only after you have submitted a draft or almost finished document of your writing. This way, the buyer can know if this is what he/she required or suggest changes to it which can them be made and only then deliver it immediately after the order is made. I have followed this for every gig that i have done.

  5. To the best of your abilities, always try to over deliver. Always exceed the buyers expectations. You can do this simply by doing more than what is asked. I sometimes include many screenshots or take the effort to write, test and submit program that is related to the technical writing that I have written about. Sometimes I even include more information than that is expected of me. It always makes the buyers come back to you. It also shows your passion towards your work.

    Do you know the best result of this ??, well one buyer offered me to pay more per work that I do for him. He was very happy with the work I do and decided that he would like to buy it for a higher price!

    I have lots to learn and lots more to discover and grow. There are lots of opportunities and space for everyone.

    With this, I would like to end by wishing you the very best in whatever you chose to do.

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I agree with your tips very generally except #4 which is one of those mistakes that can get you in trouble. Since most of your first 10 sales were from the same buyer you may not have run into this. Doing work before a buyer orders can result in lots of time lost when the buyer never actually pays. I would use that time to tweak gigs, do promtions, study and possibly look into adding more gigs. When you are new your gigs display well in search but sales will ebb and flow later on. Good luck!

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