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Pricing your gig


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Hello to the Fiverr Forum Community, this is my first discussion and i think that what im going to talk about its something that have happened to somebody of us and is about the price of our gigs.

In my case i just have 1 gig and is this one.-


Is a gig where i sell AutoCad drawings of any type and for the people who know the basics of this kind of jobs is the fact that no one will do and excellent design of anything for just $5 ( i mean its really a job that takes time and dedication)

Directly to the point, some people when come to me for my service they expect that what they want (A house drawing, design, edit, convert pdf to dwg) will be done for just that $5 and is impossible for me to work on a project that i know that i’m pricing less of what it really need to be pricing, just for getting the order.

Like right now, i just had to lower the price of 4 order of $25 to $20 just to get those 4 orders, originally it will be ( 4 x $25 = $ 100 - $20 fee = $80) really good! but now it will be (4 x $20 = $80 - $16 fee = $64) … i will really appreciate if you guys give yours comments about this.

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