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:) A little kindness goes a long way


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Hi Sellers, just to let u (not all bt quite a handful) be more aware abt working etiquette even working online. U nvr knw in future ur emplyer may asked for ur e.g. Art Pieces and wanna see ur clients’ comments.

Fiverr does not mean cheap quick stuff. It is a platform for very affordable to very exclusive deliverables … If a buyer is customizing something and you feel unjust to get 5$ then nego. (i thot I saw a gig abt “art of nego”? And if there is a lapse or void btwn the requested project versus skill of seller… Be polite n upfront. Buyer will love ur honesty n save them their time for waiting. Again, u may not know who is speaking w u? It could be a talkshow host for example. N gt peeve off n turned ur reputation upside dw during his or her nxt episode. So etiquette etiquette etiquette.

Lastly, creativity… Everyone seems to be dng the same. Be bold be diff. They sell Logo… Y dont u sell logo + offer a physical one at a gd price, mail it to them with ur signature behind to advertise as im sure that physical piece is gonna be seated in the office w eyeballs exposure.

Already. May I req for IT people to do some websites for me? Mid to long term recurring prjts. PM me. I am speaking w 2 currently… Need a few heads as each creativity is different.


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