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The BEST Thing I Have Done To REDUCE Dissatisfied Customers


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Fiverr has taught me so much about business and customer relations. I had no idea how tough it was to manage a business and I do consider what I do here to be my own business. THE BEST THING I have done to reduce upset customers and modification requests was to establish a standard before the buyers purchases the gig.

Before the buyer purchases a gig with me, I ask that they contact me. Most often they follow these instructions. Then, I clarify their needs to assess if I can help them. Sometimes I spend an hour messaging with a customer to understand what they are hoping for, but I think it is best to get a firm understanding beforehand than to do a bunch of modifications.

Next, after I have a firm understanding of what they are hoping for and I decide that I can deliver, I outline what I will deliver to them in bullet points (goals). I then express that they are purchasing my time and attention to their business goals. I tell them, if for some reason I do not deliver on the goals that we have agreed upon they can receive a full refund.

I always deliver what they have asked for and the feedback is almost always positive. In the cases where they would prefer something else, they remember that they agreed that they were purchasing my time to focus on their goals and they tell me they appreciate my time.

Before I would spend hours working on ideas for people and some would just say they don’t like it and ask me to do it again. My brain doesn’t work like that. Once I am done creating an idea, I am completely out of juice. I would then offer them a refund and tell them that I can’t create anymore at this time. I was losing out on money this way.

Since I have instituted this NEW protocol of informing them that they are purchasing my time and effort, I have not had one person ask for a refund or a modification. I guess it’s about setting a standard that you both agree to and then meeting that standard or exceeding it. Still learning so much.

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