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How I Started Working on Fiverr & Got to Level 2 Super Fast!


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Hello Dear Sellers,

Here in this post, I just want to share what I did to reach to level 2 in just 2 months of me starting to work as a seller on Fiverr. I started using Fiverr as a buyer. I ordered a couple of writing gigs, but I was not satisfied with the writing. And I knew there definitely is some margin of improvement. I was already writing for a few clients. So I decided to started working on Fiverr as a seller too. I started providing my writing services.

I assumed that the more gigs I have online, the better are the chances of me securing some orders. So, I started publishing two gigs daily. All my gigs had different descriptions and different images. Although the wordings were different, I had the aim to keep the quality the same (high quality). I knew that if my clients liked my work, they would recommend me to others also, and will give me a positive review as well.

A couple of my gigs started showing in recommended section, and orders started pouring in. And before I knew it, I was a level 2 seller in just 2 months. There is no secret to getting to level 2 except one. That one secret is that you have to keep your gig unique and provide top quality service to your clients. Have good communication with them.

If anyone wants any guidance or tips, please feel free to contact me.

– Raja Habib

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