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I started my Career in 2012


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I started my Career in 2012 when even was not much aware that how to operate Computer.

Just some friends guide me some tricks i did research and started work on SEO

In that days SEO was not much difficult.

I earned up to 80K per month just from few back links strategies.

But due to my Study i was not able to give time to my work from 2012 to onward. When i came back in the on-line world i was trying to do work but everything was changed .

Tried tried but nothing.

At this stage two my Professional Colleagues which was with me from my early days of my Carrier guide me and told me about ‪#Fiverr.com‬

Thanks to Fiverr.com Team that gave me such opportunity to show my skills .!!

So at that time when i was thought that SEO is dead and there no online carrier at that time that two people suggest me and guide me that its not dead.

After joining Fiverr.com I learnt a lot and still learning.

At this stage i got the idea that SEO not Dead and i am still can earn from internet. Again Thanks to Fiverr.com . They have good platform to help people. So i started work hard Even I drop my Best Job just due to work online because i knew that i can earn much more than my job. and job is not my type. at this stage i can say that my story is similar to . I was Supply Chain analyst in very reputable Company but i drop my job. Even I face financial crises but i did it.

So after that Thanks to my Elder Brother He guides me alot. He is the one who help others a lot. Thanks a lot all .

But after getting such all trainings and learning i was still confused that from where i should start. i knew every thing as i was not new in this field but in spite such all things was not on right track.

My Brother is that person who help me without any cost. His motivational help give me right track .give me passion and now I got success.

My earning is good now. Sorry i never want to share that what i am doing and what’s my earning i strongly believe on Hard work and go far and far But just for the purpose of ‪, I wrote my story. to tell the people that there are lot of youngsters and girls who have skills but not a right track.

In the last i will share my success that i ma working now for the promotion of girls in the SEO with some institutes also. I will help girls. I will promote them Insha-Allah.

Soon will share that what i am doing for girls,

Thanks to read a long status but its just for motivation

specially for girls . because i feel pain that in this field girls ration much low. :)>-

Right Now i’m at:


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