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So I have been getting ALOT of higher amounts for weekly writing and also lots of words…I did find out how to handle this overload with extending the days for delivery on the website…What I want to know is what REALLY is a good quote for 10/500 word articles or even one at 2000 words? I was afraid to attempt these so I may have priced too high which was $200 for both projects and possibly too low for another…oh well, i am learning BUT any good ideas? I did ask one what they wanted to offer me…also when they ask about delivery time…what would be fair? I already have a repeat client and don’t want to lose him…help and confused …i am working my way to level 2…

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Take my advice with a grain of salt since my gigs are from Tech/Development, and I’m also level 1.

Many programmers such as me have the following mantra: under promise, over deliver.

What does that mean? If a job takes you 1 day to deliver, ask for 6 days to deliver. Why? Because you need to consider unexpected circumstances. For example, you might get sick, or internet stops working, or some one steals your computer, or you need to get out of the city for a few days. You need to have a cushion time for the unexpected. Also, you need to consider that your clients might also have unexpected situations such as sickness, or that they will want changes on the work you deliver.

If you deliver your work fast, your client will be happy because he was expecting it to be done in 6 days.

Also, regarding pay, just charge what you are worth. If a client asks you to write 14K words with original content for $5, perhaps you will be loosing money since you’ll require a lot of time/effort to have those original words and content written. Doing something that cheap will probably discourage you working and you’ll probably deliver bad quality or work that you are not happy with. On the other hand, if you charge, lets say $200 (I don’t know your current rate), and the client is really interested in quality work, they will probably be happy to pay you that amount. Obviously, for a 14K work you’ll ask for at least 14 days to complete it (remember, your cushion time). Charging higher will help you get clients that are willing to pay higher for your higher quality services.

The last gig I did last week got me $90 for a programming gig (this is the highest I have charged so far on Fiverr ). I asked for 18 days to deliver because it was a very very complex job, but I was able to send results in 1 o 2 days. Now, the client got sick for 3 days, so basically I took in total 8 days to deliver/deploy the final product because of the changes the client wanted. If I had quoted 4 days of total delivery time, this would have meant a bad review on my gig and a cancelled order. If he only have paid me $5 for such a complex task, I would probably would not have done it at all for the high amount of complexity involved.

What is better, having 10 clients paying you $5 or 1 client paying you $50?

This is honestly a hard to answer question, but my personal response is: I prefer having 1 client paying $50 because in that way I can focus my attention/effort on deliver high quality work on time. One satisfied client is worth more than 10 mildly satisfied clients. Also, a satisfied client that paid you $50 will probably come back to you for with more work (been there, done that).

In summary:

  • Charge what you are worth
  • Quality over Quantity!
  • Under promise, over deliver
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