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Dear Buyers,


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Reply to @matrixdevuk: I consider professional buyers to be clients and most of mine are not stupid at all even if they have language barriers. On the other hand, there are people who claim to be clients/professional buyers who use insults and slurs to complain. I don’t know if I would call that stupid, but it isn’t professional.

lajospro said: there is a transklater from slovenia advertizing translation into Japan she is a real gayjing weib. Beware of this picsa.

lajospro said: Other is a turkish weib von Munchen advertizing as translater into german and turkish. Totally unreliable $%^&*(.

So the bad slotxkies that do not perform ruining the reputation of the good ones.

lajospro said: I told him also he was thinking that he was the only sheikh in the bazaar.

lajospro said: I suggested to him to go and ride a "Camel" as this sounds like his forte. What a "Joker"

lajospro said: Just now a Seller by Banky tried her luck. It did not worked, so she replied "Yeah" I asked her what that means???

She also disappeared as fart in the wind....

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Reply to @matrixdevuk: I have since come to realise that some sellers use an auto reponse of some sort that asks buyers for ‘additional information’, probably to combat the non-readers of whom you speak, but leaving the ones who did read irritated, insulted or nonplussed.

Well, I’ll deal with it by taking it in stride. Really, the prices here are too good to get one’s knickerbockers in a knot over a little bit of inconvenience.

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Reply to @matrixdevuk: I read the entire gig, and usually more than once, becausr it’s not always clear if my request fits their gigs, how many ‘gigs’ I should buy (what a bizarre concept that is: for $5 I will do XYZ, but not really, it’s actually $40).

For what it’s worth, that ‘contact me before buying’ over on the right hand side is in a dreadful position, it’s easy to miss it.

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