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Your sales dropped | THE HARD TRUTH | plus advice


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I have seen like a million complaints of sellers saying their sales dropped and fiverr needs to fix this. Well, here’s my opinion on it, I think it’s all BS and you, the seller, needs to fix things.

You see, what all of you people are experiencing is just the way fiverr’s (new) ranking algorithm works. Fiverr doesn’t need to fix anything, if your sales dropped, it simply means your competition is performing better than you. The gigs that bring in the most money with the least amount of views, will stick high.

After you just launched your gig, fiverr WILL give you views. In this time, your gig is evaluated by fiverr, you make a few sales, you get a few ratings, and after a while, fiverr knows what they can expect from your gig. Than fiverr just compares you with your competition in your category. The best ones stay, the others get buried under the better ones and will get very little views. This is the time you go to this forum to complain about how sales dropped and how good you are and bla bla bla fiverr sucks and it needs to fix this.

Believe me or not, sales never dropped on fiverr… they shifted!


First of all, you NEED TO MAKE a good video, no excuses, if you have a gig, it CAN be presented in video, so do it, and do it professional. If you’re not into video editing, have someone to do for you.


Never rush a gig launch, I know you wanna make sales quickly but you need to present you gig like a pro, everything needs to be perfect, the video, the pictures, the description. tags, etc. The big reason for this is that the most important part of your gig, is the launch, if you’re able to make a sale in the first 100 views, you’re gig WILL get listed (if it’s rated 5 stars) so it needs to be “perfect” from start


Get to the point! Why do you think there’s a 1 minute time limit on fiverr video’s?


In the beginning of a gig launch, I always overdeliver to build a good relationship with the client, and of course, you don’t wanna risk to get less than a 5 star review.


Most of the time, when people cancel your gig, it means that your gig isn’t presented in a simple and clear way, so work on that. Cancellations will have a very negative effect on your listing.


Put a call to action in your description like: CHECK OUT MY OTHER GIGS HERE: “link”. This can be very powerful if you have a lot of similar gigs, like me. Just don’t sound spammy!


Be creative with discounts, for example, if you want to make a first sale, say in your gig description: ALL GIG EXTRA’S FREE FOR THE FIRST BUYER or something like that. Or a good one could be; BUY THIS GIG AND GET A $5 GIG EXTRA DISCOUNT ON ANY OTHER GIG. I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

Another very powerful way of doing this is to put some text like the following in your “delivery description”

Also, I have more similar gigs in which you may be interested in. I'm willing to give you $5 gig extra discount on 1 gig of your choice. Just let me know if you're interested.

You can browse through my gigs here:

now comes the MOST IMPORTANT part...

Remember, fiverr giver the most views to people gigs that brings in the most money. Fiverr doesn't want you to sell a simple little $5 gig, fiverr wants you to sell your extra's, because that's where they make the most money.

You need to find out what your customer is willing to pay, this isn't hard, but takes some time. I had a gig online a few month ago, and I was selling it with all gig extra's for around $25, I was flushed with orders and couldn't finish them all on time, so I raised my prices A LOT. Now the price was $75 for a gig with all extra's BUT I WAS STILL MAKING A LOT OF SALES, maybe a little less, but that doesn't matter, it's good, because you weeded out those buyers that want everything super cheap, but kept those that are willing to spend for good quality. It mean LESS WORK but MORE MONEY!

I hope this info will be useful to some of you and if any of you have more advice, please add it below.

Kind regards,
Jerome de Roo (heronimus) :)>-

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Guest biggz27

@heronimus i agree with you! Sellers here act like as if fiverr owes them something. If sellers want more sales, they need to start thinking like a marketers. You did a great job providing tips!

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If you have an unique gig with high rating, you will not scare this.

You should communicate your buyers as an online chat because they will be a great channel to promote your gigs with friends, partners, people don’t join fiverr yet.

A great service will never scare “close door”

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What a load of rubbish.

You write all the right things but clearly don’t fully grasp what’s happened. Sooner or later you will though.

First off.

heronimus said: it simply means your competition is performing better than you. The gigs that bring in the most money with the least amount of views, will stick high.

Completely wrong. I will use my own gigs as examples.

Running through Fiverr's pages there are gigs listed using the exact same keywords running super high on their pages.

Same keywords, similar titles and descriptions.

VS say my gigs.

Same keywords, similar descriptions and... literally way more sales.

So clearly it's not a conversion/sales ratio thing.

I see gigs listed with negative reviews that are higher than say... my gigs.

Let me be clear. I have over 10 000 sales and not a single negative review. Not even 1. Ever.

My current conversion rate is 50.7%. Basically because all my new gigs are from repeat clients.

The point of this is that clearly the conversion rate has nothing to do with search standings as you write. Either does "Fiverr knowing what they can expect" because if that was the case, after 10 000 gigs and not one negative review they know what to expect from me.

Same as your statement of "The best ones stay the rest get buried."

Again. Not true.

I see the same gigs as mine showing within the first 5 rows when you look at the category. I see ones with negative reviews, sellers with only 5 sales... and one of them is negative... all over the place. So clearly this isn't the case either.

The fact is really a simple one. Their new system is flawed. And as far as I know still being worked on by the Fiverr tech's. There is no tips or tricks except what is at the heart of your message. Do your best work and don't mess around. Be as honest as you can. That's the only way to make anything with Fiverr.

That is what I assume is the point of your post. But all the rest just isn't the case.

*** Even if you don't like my gigs you can't argue the logic.

I'm an older member.
I have thousands and thousands of sales.
I have no negative reviews or strikes against me.
I am active around the Fiverr community.
I have a super high conversion rate.
My average selling price is well above the $4 mark per gig sale.

So... There is no reason why someone selling a similar gig as mine, who has been on Fiverr for 3 weeks... has 11 sales and 2 negative reviews... should be listed on the first page when you search by category for the gig. It just makes no sense at all.

EDIT in - This whole thing may seem like a rant against Fiverr... and it kind of is... but it isn't. I have established enough repeat clients over the years to keep me going. Even if it is just a shadow of what it used to be. The point of my post is pretty much summed up in the last section of my post. Basically saying that the poster's theory just doesn't stack up. Truth be told. Nobody really knows how the search algorithm really works except Fiverr. And even they are in a constant state of flux. That's my real point.

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I like a lot of points you brought up in this however, I must dismiss that every gig needs a video. Say your gig is on writing, if I want to buy your gig I am not going favor a writer with a video because I am not going to hire them based on how they look and sound but, how they write. On the other hand if I am hiring an actor then yes a video is a 100% must. I also do not think anyone knows how fiverrs search truly works to me it seems it favors level, volume of sales, and ratings. Since almost all my gigs are listed under “recommended” in my areas. Still great post.

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Thanks for your tips.

As I see, new gigs with more favs are the one that rank higher in the search pages. I’m new on Fiverr and i don’t have clear vision on how their algorithm works yet, but i think it’s kinda created to give new sellers a chance to sell too, that is great. If its strictly based on sales and positive reviews new sellers would never have the chance to stand out in this crowded space. If you are good enough you will stay on a decent position for your category/keyword, and if you suck bye bye Felicia to you.

So my tip for new sellers would be to ask your friends and buyers to click favorite on your gig if they like it, and implement all the above tips that heronimus posted.

My best selling gig had video but I’ve deleted it because its a design gig and the play button on the thumbnail is big enough to cover all of it, and in my oppinion the graphic you put as your thumbnail is crucial for designing gigs.

Till today, in 11 days I’ve been on fiverr, I’ve made 11 sales with all positive reviews which i think its not bad for a starter.

Good luck to everyone.

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I agree with everything but the discounts. You pay me for 5 things? I might deliver 7 or 10 if I’m having a good time, or if you demand a modification. However, if I charge $5 for x and $5 for y, don’t tell me to do xy for $5.

Today I got a message from a buyer that wanted to do that, he’s one of the veterans from 2011, he only has two gigs, and he thinks everything should be done for $5, even if it’s double the work. Suffice to say, he rejected my proposal. But I’m OK with that, you have to stay true to your values. You can make money without giving the store away.

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If you put yourself in Fiverr’s shoes, you can probably get an idea on the formula. Keep active members happy, while introducing new members and helping them get traction.

In my experience the search engine is not based solely on performance, price, and feedback. When I started 18 months ago, my gig was new and it showed up high in the ranks for a short time. Luckily, I offered a really lean deal, great intro video and got 100 gigs completed in the first 60 days. I still have no negative feedback. I think the other day, I was page 3, I can only do so many jobs a day and I am happy with my traffic.

Has anyone noticed if their ranking drops when their queue is higher? I’ve always wondered because it might be a way for fiverr to help curve the queue.

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