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Ta-daaaa. Back to 100% Rating. Here's How You Do It


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It sucks getting a thumbs DOWN rating from a Buyer who didn’t read your gigs. Or they just had a bad day and decided to take it out on YOU with a thumbs down rating.

I received my first THUMBS down from a Buyer and it kinda bummed me out. But I did not tell the Buyer he was a “bozo” nor did I get mad. I waited a few days, then responded if I could do another one for him, cancel the $5 order and I’d do it for free.

I did not ASK to reverse the Thumbs down rating.

Two days later, he responds and says, YES. So I bust my butt that Saturday and deliver an extra good 2-pages of sales copy. He loved it.

I asked if he’d mind taking my RATING off and he said he tried but the link was missing. NOTE FOR NEWBIES: Your SELLER only gets a limited time in which he / she can change their rating or remove it. So since he said YES he’d delete it, I did a screen grab of this, sent it to the Fiverr Editors on a support ticket.

I get to my iMac the next morning expecting to see 99% rating and I was pleased.

It was BACK! 100% !!! YAY. It works.


Below are some GOOD TIPS on what TO DO and what NOT TO DO when dealing with a Buyer that gave you a bad rating (assuming you did not deserve to be spanked, of course.)

HERE is what DO NOT DO:

DO NOT: Tell the Buyer he did not read your gigs, properly.

DO NOT: Tell the Buyer he failed to give you enough information, or was at the last minute, etc.

DO NOT: Inflame the situation at all. Trust me, just suck it up. Be nice to them anyway at all costs.


DO: Take a minute to breathe. Step away from your computer and go to the kitchen and get yourself a coffee, hot chocolate or Ovaltine. (whatever makes you happy)

DO: Send a short, but respectful note to your Buyer. Ask them what was it about your work they did not like? ask them if you can do a make-over if they can point out the one or two trouble areas they did not like.

DO: (Use this as a last resort for really stubborn Buyers) OFFER a refund to the Buyer and apologize and ask if the refund would allow them to change their BAD rating of you to just being removed?

IF you get into a deal like mine, then get a SCREEN grab of the Buyer saying they will remove the comment / rating and send that into Fiverr with a copy, and be sure to list your JOB #, on the ticket, too.

Be polite and ask Fiverr to remove mark, and you’re done.

A cool, easy to do, Reputation Management 101 Tip from the original Bartman. (vpix360)

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You can eliminate the screenshot. Fiverr admin’s have access to your messages anyway. Done this tactic numerous times! Sadly if you leave it too long (which I did) you need to regain permission to have the negative feedback removed. I’ll get back up to 100% again, but it will take a lot more orders now.


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