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Gig delivery time calculation


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Let us consider this scenario, I have a gig which I can easily deliver in 3 days for example. For this I need certain information from the buyer and once he submits that the order starts ticking. I have noticed that sometimes, buyer does not have the required mandatory information to start the job but still he provides incomplete data and activates the order. Fiverr system has been designed in such a way that whatever buyer provides is considered complete and according to the seller’s requirement to start certain job which is not the case sometimes.

I then communicate with the buyer to have those details which he provides later or I do it since he does not know how to get those information. Just one example, buyer does not have the WordPress login details and I have to help him in doing certain services to get to WordPress admin details. This can be one of the following or all:

=Changing DNS on registrar for his hosting account that takes 2 to 3 days

=Install WordPress and then start my work

=Wait until buyer has got his articles or graphics done

In this process my delivery period expires and my delivery period is increased which is shown for that gig while I have a different delivery period for the gig.

In such situations, there should be a way to agree mutually and that delay should not reflect or recalculate the delivery period unless it is delayed by the seller.

Hope I am making my point and some other sellers are facing this issue.

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