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Hello everyone.

This is Bilal and i am using Fiverr from last 8 years. Yesterday my account is being reviewd and i am unable to get orders and communicate with people temporary.

I received a email that your account is flaged for attempting business outside of fiverr.

I never violate any rules and use only fiver for order and payment. I am earning more than $1200 per month. Please see screenshots below where i always informed the team that the buyer is asking for whatsapp nunber and i always mentioned them that this is against fiver policy and rules. Waiting for your help.


Regards, Bilal Farid




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Hello @bilalfarid 

You did great by reporting that Buyer to our Customer Support and submitting all the screenshots as evidence.

38 minutes ago, bilalfarid said:

Waiting for your help.

However, please know that on the Forum, we are not able to provide answers to all Fiverr account-specific questions. Since your account is currently under review, we are asking you to be patient until our dedicated team reaches a decision. Once they do, you will be notified. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi Lena,

Thank you but each time i send fiverr support email and they replied the same like your account is in under review and this process may take 60 days.

I have evidence and sent them but why it will take so long.

I have many buyers and they ae working with me from last 2 years. I don't want to lose my account as a seller.

Please help me and inform them about the evidence.

Before 1 day of this under review issue, i received a message from a buyer and he mentione dhis number to come and join but i mentioned hi that this is against their policy and if you want to discuss anything please do here.


Then he did not reply and i removed that message thread too.

Please Lena help me.





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