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Account Restricted, any advice would be great

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Hi guys let me explain this if i may, I have had my account for 8 years and i have over 700+ 5 star ratings Level 2 seller. At the weekend i finished a customers order and they approved and left a rating as usual and then they inboxed me and asked if they could do them over discord instead of fiver, me without reading the TOC agreed to it and sent over my discord name, If i knew you could get restricted for this i would of NEVER sent over my name and agreed to it, its a genuine mistake on my end and i know i should of gone through the TOC.

Im just abit upset about this situation really i have spoke to someone in customer support which has helped but still he said someone asked you to do something outside of fiverr and you agreed, in the whole 8 years ive been on here ive never once gave any info out etc, its a genuine mistake, i wasn't the one who asked for anyone's information it was the customer, i received no warnings just a straight restriction, any advice on this would be great, like i said i hold my hands up but it really was a genuine mistake on my part, i now feel that im going to lose my profile which ive worked so hard to build up over this silly mistake.



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6 hours ago, warrenpaul said:

me without reading the TOC agreed to it and sent over my discord name,

This is why it is always recommended to read TOS first before proceeding with anything on Fiverr or any other platforms/websites.

P.S. I am sorry to hear this but your Fiverr's journey is over now whether it was your mistake or not. :classic_unsure:

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Hi @warrenpaul, this is a serious violation of our ToS, and your account is under review. However, you already know what's the issue and that it did in fact happen, so most probably you won't get the account back. Best of luck with your future endeavours 🍀

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