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49 minutes ago, mdabdurroshi275 said:

Seek advice from experts

I am a new seller 7gig publisher and have not received any orders yet,

impressions and clicks are less than once, what can I do? What can I do now to get the order?

  • Have you ever tried to utilize your Digital Marketing expertise for your own gigs? If you are really a Digital Marketer then you should do it for yourself to prove that you really can do Digital Marketing for others too.
  • Change English Language settings from Fluent to Basic/Conversational (suggesting this after checking your gig descriptions)
  • There are spelling mistakes on your gig images mainly primary gig image such as Instagrm (Instagram), Campaing (Campaign), Convreting (Converting), Desing (Design), Rainking (Ranking) etc.
  • You have mentioned this in your gig description: "I'm available 24/7 hours.". How come? Are you a robot who can stay up to for 24/7?

You need to work on your gig galleries (primary gig image - the most) and improve gig descriptions as well.


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8 hours ago, mdabdurroshi275 said:

>>>If you do Fiverr gig marketing on a new platform,

there is a high chance of getting an order. Kindly let me know..

You should know the answer of your own question because you are a Digital Marketer. Aren't you? Have you tried it yet? If not then give a shot first then let us know about your experience.

8 hours ago, mdabdurroshi275 said:

>>And let me know if the gig needs to be updated...

I want advice from experienced people please help me

I will encourage you to read my response again if you really can understand English. I already have given you some suggestions.

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