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  1. You start getting impressions and clicks as soon as you create gigs
  2. It's best to give low competition keyword gigs as a newbie
  3. Gig ranking depends on many factors. such as a clear, descriptive title with relevant keywords, relevant tags, Correctly placing the gig in the most relevant category and subcategory, and eye catchy image.
  4. A maximum of 10 FAQs can be used in one gig. You can use less than that.A maximum of 10 FAQs can be used in one gig. You can use less than that.
  5. Dear sister, your gig image is not good, You have used highly competitive keywords in the title. It is very difficult to generate orders on high-competition keywords in the new situation. Optimize with low-competitive keywords
  6. Optimize your gig with a demandable keyword. Try to generate orders, then both impression clicks will increase
  7. Your title is not good. The image was not good either. Find low-competition keywords. Then push in Title and Description
  8. There is no fixed time for gig ranking. If you are new to the marketplace, try low-competition
  9. Of course keep things in mind. The strategies are very effective
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