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Concerns Regarding Fiverr's New Success Score Evaluation System



Hello Fiverr Community,

I'm writing to share my frustrations and seek advice regarding Fiverr's new success score evaluation system. Before this change, I proudly held the Level 2 seller status with a commendable track record – over $27K earned and more than 350 positive reviews.

However, since the implementation of the success score benchmark, my journey on Fiverr has taken an unexpected turn. Despite my best efforts, my success score was initially marked as 6, a bit below the required threshold for Level 2. Nevertheless, I persisted, delivering quality work and maintaining excellent buyer satisfaction.

To my dismay, my success score has recently dropped to 5, despite a steady stream of orders and positive feedback from clients. This downward trend not only baffles me but also poses a serious threat to my profile and freelancing career.

I'm reaching out to the community to seek clarity on what this success score entails and how it's calculated. Moreover, I'm eager to hear from fellow freelancers who may have encountered similar challenges. Have you experienced fluctuations in your success score, and if so, how have you navigated through them?

Any insights or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Together, I believe we can shed light on this matter and explore potential solutions.

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I actually DID have CS reply to the same question. They gave me some generic prewritten response about what you can do as a seller to improve your response times, your quality of goods, communication, blah, blah, blah...

Then they told me that your score is also based on an average of how everyone else in your Gig category is scoring. So apparently Fiverr is now grading on a curve. I know it doesn't help but does shed some insight.

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