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How can i put my fiverr account on hold?



hi, I want to hold my Fiverr account for 2 months i won't be able to be live. But will this affect my account overall ranking? because i am ranking on a certain keywords.  

I have a very long term client on Fiverr. I also want to put his Shopify store under maintenance mode so that we won't loose our current audience because I am managing it throughout. 

can any one please guide me.



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It seems you are a buyer and you're not selling anything. I am not sure where and what you are ranking, because there are no "live" gigs.

Since you are just a buyer, or at least that's how Fiverr shows your account, it doesn't matter if you leave for a month, 2 or more.

If you are a seller and you have active gigs, those gigs will obviously derank because there's no account activity, nothing is happening, so other sellers can and will surpass you. Sure, you can pause those gigs, but you can't expect to maintain the same ranking. Fiverr tracks gig performance for the last 2-6 months, so if you didn't have any orders as a seller, others with orders and great reviews will surpass you, which is normal. 

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