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Buyer Issue with an order

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This is regarding an order - The buyer wanted some number (estimated total number of people only (more than 18 years of age) in India with more than 6 ft in height.).

Based on his requirement, data availability & tight budget, I agree to provide the data based on the process - " I would collect percentage data is by state wise from sources & then I would estimate altogether to arrive at the figure" & clearly mentioned the process to the buyer.

To make the buyer satisfied I went ahead and prepared 2 separate datasheets based on separate approaches which are as per the process as we discussed. I also shared state wise data additionally along with India - country data which was the actual scope.

Now after delivering the data, the buyer has placed a revision request (though I offer zero revision) and keeps saying that he / anyone can do such a simple calculation and demanding accurate data instead of such a calculation. 

Now, I have shared the process with the client and provided data based on the same process but the buyer is denying to accept.

In such a case, can you please suggest what I can do as there are no other way to get the number that the buyer wants (which we discussed earlier but now the buyer is not agreeing)?


Best Regards


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