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Fiverr Neo is AI option that currently allows buyers to try to find the right seller(s) for the service(s) they are looking for.

You can read about it in this forum post:

The benefits to the buyer are that they might be able to find a good seller who has the service they are looking for using normal text, telling the AI what service they want and answering the questions it asks.

The benefits to the seller might be that it's another way that a buyer might be able to find their profile / gig (though since it only recommends one seller at a time currently (and it's not as fast as normal Fiverr searching/browsing) it might be a low chance that someone might find your profile/gig that way. Another small seller benefit might be that you could ask it a simple Fiverr question and it might respond with a right answer (though it's currently meant for helping Fiverr buyers (to find sellers) rather than helping sellers).

re: how you can activate it - you'll probably have to wait until it shows in your inbox page. You could try reloading the page but it will probably just show there (in the inbox page) when they've given you access to it.

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