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35 minutes ago, differenttheme said:

if you can stay on 24 hrs on fiverr, its better to buyers contact you.

100% WRONG! Staying active or being online does not help you at all. This myth is spread by sellers who lack knowledge about how Fiverr works.

Check what a Fiverr Staff member posted on September 25, 2023.


And another Fiverr Staff member on October 08, 2023.


And another Fiverr Staff member on December 06, 2023.


And again on December 06, 2023.


And again on January 03, 2024.




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Hi @miraz87,

Feel free to stay online as much as you like, and as much as you can.

If you spend 24/7 just waiting for the Buyers, it won't make any difference.

However, only if you spend the time working your Gigs, reading all those Tips&Tricks our experienced Sellers share here, and improving the overall impression your Fiverr profile makes on the Buyers, it will be good for you.

Hope this helps and good luck 🍀

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