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Fraud buyer cancelled the odered and using my work


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fragglesrock is his username on fiverr and he supposed to pay me 2gigs for registration form with required fields.

I’ve done everything he asked but he was requesting for more modifications for 2days not giving me rest. He was blackmailing me that gonna ruine my profile if I don’t do what he’s asking.

I’ve did everything he asked and when everything is finished as he wanted, he requested to cancel and when I refused to cancelled and redelivered the order, he’s not accept the my delivery. and then I don’t know what happend, now the status is changed to ‘cancelled mutually’ and he’s using my work on his website 😦

This is so unfiar, someone please help.

His replies to me when I asked to pay for my work:

"i am not using your work - The work was deleted from you and have been made new from someone else. more quicker "

"thats not your work. its the work from fragglesrock"

When I’m begging him to pay my money this is what he replied.

"thats impossible at fiverr and you know that. you are the one who refund me. thats proof at fiverr so dont foolish me.

Our job is done

have a nice day :D"

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I am so sorry about your experience. Unfortunately, no one can do much. I have been scammed a number of times on eBay and Amazon and even after completing a complaint with the shipper and the website, nothing happened. I was very disappointed, but I found other alternatives, such as bad buyer list, ebuyersreviewed, fraud record and other similar. There you can submit reviews about your clients. For example, on bad buyer list you can submit only negative reviews and on ebuyersreviewed you can submit both positive and negative reviews. If I were you, I would report this guy, because I want to make sure that no one will ever work with him again, no matter if it is through fiverr, eBay or Amazon.

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