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Do i need to improve my gig frequently?


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Hello all of the beautiful people working on Fiverr, 

I really like to work on Fiverr platform there i get multi tasks engagements with different people around the world. 

Here is my gig link


Your reviews about. 

I have some common question about gig improvement. 

Can i change? 

my gig description,

gig title,

to add more pictures in the gig,

Seo based keywords,

AI based suggestions, 

I have done a lot of study of the professional or non professional's gigs. I got some pin points

1. Be straight forward 

2. Be real what you really are do not pretend to be someone else. 

3. Dont be greedy. 


Please correct if i got something wrong. Or feel free to suggest your best. 

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Just to answer your question simply, If your gig is giving you any results I don't think you shoudl change it in any major way because why change something that is working?

However if you are not getting results over the longer period of time you should probably upgrade the quality of your gig in some way. Big emphasis on "the longer period of time" because you probably won't get orders right away when you publish your gig. 

Hope this helps!

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I have made my profile and gig, seeing others profiles and gig styles, now

Q. What should be the new seller routine to update gig or writing blogs or sharing his gig to social media, etc.

Q. Which method is more efficient? 

Here is my gig for you to inform me about the improvement in the gig and profile. Your help in this regard will be appreciated. 


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