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Fiverr Horrible UX design choices (Chat)

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The chat has a horrendous UX error. When you chat with a freelancer or client and you type several separate messages, their avatars are always repeated creating visual chaos. Literally every single chat program I have ever used in my life lumps up all messages sent by the user without repeating the avatar picture every time. There are other issues, but this is the worst one. Seriously, I don't know how a huge company like Fiverr would make such a mistake in UI design. The chat should be redesigned. Hit me up fiverr.


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They could be grouped, yes, but I don't see a big downside to the way it's implemented now. They could also make the inbound messages be on the left and the outbound on the right, as plenty of applications do, but again those are minimal improvements. Calling it "horrendous" is quite the overstatement. 

As for "visual chaos"... There's plenty of space there to have the avatar before every message. It doesn't look cluttered, or disorganized. It also has upsides, like being able to screenshot a single message and always have it include the sender information and picture, which wouldn't happen if you could have 10 messages in a row with just one avatar and name for all of them - if you wanted to just capture one in the middle, it would have no information about the sender.

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10 hours ago, marwanelsaharty said:

but this is the worst one.

UI and UX is something that can vary according to the person's preference & taste and you will always find people who will stand in support of it and some people who will stand against it.

Anyway, writing messages in short pieces is completely unprofessional (as it's not a Tinder chat). Maybe you should try to get into the habit of writing your thoughts in a single message--- you can create multiple paragraphs and give spaces if necessary but breaking a single message into multiple ones is never recommended (especially when you are talking to a client or another business). So, instead of calling it a "downside", you can try to find ways to benefit from it and get your brain into a good habit "...oh yes...breaking the message will feel terrible, So let's write a single message in paragraphs"

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It seems that Fiverr's chatting system is too old and slow as the buyer sent a message 2 min ago and we received it after 2 min. as minutes matter too much as a can buyer change his mind. Also, the algorithm that shows the current status such as online or offline has too many bugs it shows online in one place and offline in the second.

My suggestion is that Fiverr Should Implement a WhatsApp-like feature, as in WhatsApp, if the receiver is connected to the internet and any sender sends a message, it shows double tick and delivered, and when the receiver opens it, it shows seen.

my point of view as a freelancer is that when we get an order or any query from any client sometimes they get ghosted. and just see the message and don't reply back till months and even in case the order is delivered we still have to contact them to get it completed and they sometimes don't reply even after seeing the message which is just a waste of time for both parties. 

as if somebody sees and doesn't reply also this feature named buyer response rate must be given in Seller Plus. As Fiverr has to show some equality between both parties.

fiverr error.png

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