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What should my prices be for a gig with 350+ 5-star reviews?


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I'm a content writer and have been experiencing a drought for almost 1.5 months.

I charge $10 for 250 words, $20 for 500, and $40 for 1000. 

I've changed my gig images, optimized my gigs with the seller plus keywords, and tuned up everything I could, but to no avail. My stats are down to 1k impressions and a handful of clicks every now and then, with no approaches from clients.

My success manager suggested that I either decrease or increase the pricing to see if that has some impact.

But I’m confused. Should I increase it or decrease it? I think the algorithm favors sellers with a higher price as they’ll be helping the platform earn more. But on the other hand, there’s the possibility that lower prices could encourage more people to buy from me, so I start getting orders again. 

I’ve bumped it up for now to see if the algorithm favoring higher prices theory works. My new prices are $20 for 300 words, $40 for 600, and $60 for 1200 words. But I need some feedback from others regarding the right decision in this scenario so I can start getting work again. Any tips or experiences will be appreciated. 

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Experiment and see for yourself. 

But the problem here is mostly AI. There are a lot of window shoppers, people that want to see prices, but don't send any messages. It's the same for me and most writers. So it's the truth of the writing market right now, AI has taken over quite a lot of work.

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