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Guest celticmoon

@adrianbonsai How would you like seeing a post with the heading "DO NOT BUY FROM SELLER ADRIANBONSAI!! SHE IS A SCAMMER!!!"

I bet you wouldn’t like that very much at all, and you would want to try and explain YOUR side of the dispute. Of course, if you don’t see it, you won’t be able to give your side of the story.

That’s what you have done to someone else, and he or she isn’t here to give their side. Maybe you’re a difficult buyer. Maybe you bullied this seller. Maybe he or she bent over backwards trying to please you. We don’t know, and we have no reason to believe you or anyone else.

Maybe now you have an idea of why calling out others by name IS NOT ALLOWED. As soon as a sheriff or moderator sees this, your post will be edited.

You’re welcome to rant about this in the appropriate forum (this isn’t the appropriate forum) WITHOUT using names. And if you didn’t get what the gig description claims you were supposed to get, then file a complaint with customer support.

@zeus77 Are you kidding? People steal celebrity’s photos all the time, use them as profile pictures and in their gig’s graphics. Fiverr rarely enforces any rules about that, even though it’s actually illegal; I guess it’s low on their priority scale.

I totally agree with you about traffic gigs: they’re all rip-offs, IMO, so it’s unsurprising that someone selling gigs like that is also using stolen images.

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