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On 9/17/2023 at 8:22 PM, ahsanshabbir240 said:

I got First warning 3 months before. 

Warning for the fake order. I didn't part of this. I request to fiverr nothing fixed. 

My gigs never ranked after it even getting 0 impressions most of gigs. 

My account can recover or fiverr have through it in dustbin to never rank it?

You are still lucky because you get some orders. The reason why your impression is down to 0 was most likely due to the 1 star and 1.7 stars you got 4 and 5 months ago. These buyers left a negative private reviews and that affect your performance.

For the future projects you'll get, always keep buyer satisfy to the service you provide. Then your gig will be back again on search.

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knock some of your old potential buyers.

Just for Hi, Hello. Ask them about how their Business going on. and finally professionally request to consider you again.

Remember, "DON'T BOTHER THEM" and "Don't knock them again and again, if they don't replies"

After getting some new orders with positive reviews, your gig will be ranked again.


Maddy, Level 2 Seller.

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