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Reaching Level 2 - while being a night OWL + earning in my dreams & THANK YOU


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Yes… I am happy down to earth… 🙂 upon reaching Level 2.

I have many to Thanks for :

My soul mate, my better half for telling me about Fiverr and encouraging me for the first 5 months that I never had an order… (I was really pissed off with him once that I almost cried saying this is not going to work 😃 )… He had faith in me and a whole lot on Fiverr…

And to all the contributors in the Sellers forum, for giving valuable & important tips and advice, for everyone…

Plus my buyers, I have met really good buyers…

And I have enjoyed working here, I get to learn about new trends & new technologies… I have improved on some new terms as well…

🙂 The night owl - because of the difference of time zones, I mostly check e-mail notifications on my mobile in the night. So when I do see one I have jump out of bed and come to the computer. So mostly I am up till 11 pm again from 2.30 am - 5.00 am and again after 6 am. And I have been earning in my dreams too (wish all of them were really 8-> )

The only advice I will give others or new sellers are :

  • Have Patience.
  • Read the forum before you ask “How”,“Why” & “What”
  • Be nice to others, even the meanest ones…
  • Give your best shot on every order you get…
  • If there are things to clarify, ask them nicely and be polite, sure they will answer.
  • Help others, if you see someone in need of some advice.
  • And be careful when you try to do rush work…

    Well this is another beginning, a long way to go still…but I really wanted to give

    A BIG THANK YOU to all


    Have a nice day!!!

    Sanda (sandaruwani)
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