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There are various red flags to look for. 

I have been working here for more than four years and served over 500 clients. I have learned some key points that might help you.

Firstly, genuine buyers discuss what they want and place an order right away. If someone is hesitant for placing an order or asks you to deliver the work first, it could be a scam. Such people take work and never show up again, and you can't do anything once you have delivered the work. Thus, the placement of an order is necessary before you start the work.

Secondly, if someone asks you to contact outside the platform or leaves any information to discuss further, it could be a scam. It is against the policy as well, so you should report those messages instantly.

You can check the previous reviews of the buyers. If the buyer has been on the platform for a long time and has worked with many sellers, you have nothing to worry about. But if the buyer is new, you have to be cautious.

The platform has also introduced some badges for the sellers. They help you distinguish between potential customers and scammers. 

But keep in mind some people are new to the platform, and they want to get the desired services. They might know much about the platform. So, you can help them with the order process and how everything works. Just be clear about your services and the end result.

Good Luck!

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