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Is it a good idea to have multiple Giggs as a Seller?

Guest omararain

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Guest omararain

I’m still a newbie to the Fiverr world, having started as a seller around 45 days ago. I started of with just one Gigg, then added another. I got around 20 orders in the first thirty odd days but they have kind of slowed down. Is it a good idea to add more Giggs so that you can reach more people (because more Giggs are bound to get your more impressions and clicks)? Or should I just stick to couple of Giggs.

I have see some content writers offering various Giggs like they have Giggs in which they are offering to write content of as much as 700 words, and then there are some Giggs by the same seller where they are only offering to write 400 words.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.

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