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Allow sellers to send custom offers in the buyer's currency

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As a seller (even though I'm from the UK) I have become very accustomed to working in USD, seeing as it's Fiverr's default currency for pricing. However, buyers often aren't as used to it, unless that's their local currency.

For clarity, it would be great to be able to send an offer in their currency.

Buyers see the offer immediately in their currency, so it's almost like we're talking a different language. It's especially problematic when I refer to dollars or "$" but their local currency is CAD or AUD, as I've had situations when I've discussed pricing in "dollars" and found that I'm thinking USD and they're thinking AUD (for example). I know this is easily rectified by my being more specific and I have learned that lesson already. However, it would still be great to have the option to personalise it for the buyer. It would also mean I can round the numbers more nicely to their currency, rather than sending the offer at US$89 and them receiving it at AU£131.


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