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I'm new to using Fiverr, I made my seller page and a gig a few months ago but have had no bites. I don't have a big social media following so outside marketing isn't working well. 

I'm really confused on how to find open jobs here. I've looked up old topics that mention "buyer requests" and "briefs" but I can't seem to find anything like that... Am I missing something here? There's so much competition in my market niche, so there's no way I'm getting any profile views at this point. Do clients not post potential jobs on this website?

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Buyers used to post jobs on "Buyer Requests" but that was discontinued, and replaced by briefs that are supposed to be custom selected and sent to the sellers whose gigs are a match. However, I don't know if these are sent to new sellers, and most are not relevant anyway.

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1 hour ago, johnhansen1957 said:

However, I don't know if these are sent to new sellers, and most are not relevant anyway.

Based on replies that I see on the forum, new sellers do get briefs. it took me a few months before I started getting briefs, and they were all irrelevant - that's why it's important to reject each brief with a reason to train the AI to send you better briefs. It took me several weeks to train the AI (and it looks like I have to retrain it every couple of months or so).

Another thing that I found out is buyers don't know exactly what they want, so I send messages directly to the buyers that list all of their requests, along with my pricing for the services, and my specific questions for the buyer. Most buyers end up ordering from me under different terms that they listed in their briefs. Many buyers actually don't like the offers because it's at a price and terms that they set arbitrarily without knowing exactly what they are looking for. I see the buyers' needs and I address them in my message. Most buyers appreciate this custom message and thank me for actually seeing through what they posted and addressing their actual needs.

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