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The Art of Upselling on Fiverr: A Guide to Boosting Revenue without Sounding Like a Used Car Salesman


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Yesterday I saw a post about missed opportunities for upselling your services on Fiverr. It was about how your order extras are tucked away and how Fiverr doesn’t upsell well. All true, but there’s a lot we can do as sellers to up our game and sell more extras. 

It’s called upselling. I’m not gonna pretend I’m an expert at this, but I have worked for nine years as a successful freelancer and as a salesperson, so I know a little bit about it. 

Here are some of my tips and tricks to upsell on Fiverr, ultimately increasing your revenue. 

Don’t be that guy

The first thing I picture when I hear “upsell” is a relentless salesperson. This isn’t about becoming that guy. That’s exactly the guy we’re avoiding. Upselling is an art, not a barrage. You need to balance being a shrewd businessperson without becoming a pushy money grabber. 

Make it something they need

Don’t upsell just because you can. You need to understand what your buyer really needs and never offer something they don’t need. Does that mean you have to skip on upselling sometimes? Yes, but think of it as an investment in trust. 

About that trust…

Without it, you’re nothing. With it, you could become their go-to seller on Fiverr. You build trust by being genuine and transparent. If your buyer is asking for something they don’t need, tell them. If they might be better of with another seller, guide them. It can sound counterproductive, but integrity pays off in the long run. 

Relevancy is key

The next golden rule I have is relevance. You always want your upsells to be coherent with the main order. If a buyer orders content, offer them images to go with it. Don’t toss in lead generation, a CV rewrite, and a movie trailer. 

Make it a positive experience

This harkens back to my first point: don’t be that pushy salesperson. Be subtle. If you’re pushy and always try to sell “just one more thing,” buyers will dread reaching out to you because they’ll get barraged with add-ons and offers they don’t want or need. Make your buyers feel comfortable – or even better, happy – to buy your services. You don’t achieve that by being exploitative and greedy. 

Make it a good value

Every upsell you make should be a value deal for your buyer. For example, I sell voice-overs and translations. If a client orders a voice-over and mentions they need a script translation, I’ll offer to do that at a discounted rate. It’s a win-win: they save money and have everything in one complete package deal. 

Happy upselling!

I'll leave you with this classic: 



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