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my gig is active but it's doesn't show in search result. Can anyone tell me the reasons?

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21 minutes ago, data_procurer said:
I published the gig yesterday but my gig has no impressions and clicks which means 0 impressions and clicks.

Kindly give it 2-3 days and then check the status on clicks and impressions.

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10 minutes ago, data_procurer said:
How to be active 24/7

You cannot stay active for 24/7. Do you want to become a robot? Also, staying active/online is useless as it does not help you with anything else. 

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On 5/12/2023 at 9:59 AM, data_procurer said:


Which method do you apply for searching on the gig? How can you confidently ensure your gig is doesn't found/not available in search?

Also, I can't find my gig on search results, I apply on Gig Title, Gig Keyword, and Gig Tag. 

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