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Shouldn't the delivery time increase based on the gig quantity?



Hi. I’m a colorist, I color line arts.  
Let’s say it takes me 8 hours to color one illustration, on and off.  
Let’s say the delivery time is 2 days.
I've noticed that when buyers order multiple illustrations (e.g. 10 at once), the delivery time stays the same. It’s impossible to color 10 illustrations in 2 days. Shouldn't the delivery time automatically increase based on the gig quantity? That would make more sense, in my opinion.

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Welcome to the club.

A bunch of us has complained about it for years, and asking, if the delivery time doesn't increase with the gig quantity, to at least be allowed to turn multiples off. It wouldn't be even difficult to code, something similar already exists for the voice over category.

So far, there was zero official response. Just crickets chirping.

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