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I got ban. Can I get money back in this case?



I'm writing from another account, because the last one was blocked.
I attach the reason why they did it. I wasn't trying to create multiple accounts or sell my account to someone, I just wanted to change the country TO WITHDRAW MONEY. Because of the country of Russia, I lost the money withdrawal buttons, and I usually withdrew money through a payoneer (I am Ukrainian, but on the territory of Russia).

I asked here on forum also how to fix it and here’s really nice and logical answer so I was trying.

My IP was located outside of Russia and I thought there would be no problems, but they decided to block me. Is this even normal?
They also wrote that there will be an opportunity to withdraw money. How does this happen if my account is already blocked? I would not like to lose about $ 1200 because of such a misunderstanding...

guys if you had similar problem please write in comments how you got money back, I don't think I'll work again here so hopefully it was the last my mistake.





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I gave you that recommendation, since it is a standard procedure for temporarily blocked Russian accounts since 2022.  

There was no single issue, and Fiverr usually helps to fix everything. 

If you are sure that it wasn't your second account (like, if you had one before 2022 or earlier), you can explain everything in detail at support@fiverr.com. 

When you contact support, they check your history, and they could find something strange that triggered their system. 

Otherwise, they will release your funds in 90 days. 


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