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Problem with the Fiverr ID


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Something weird is going on with my Fiverr ID. This year at the start of January all of my gigs disappeared from the search. I waited for more than a month but nothing happened. At this time, I was only receiving orders from repeat buyers. I then paused all my gigs for 3 days and reactivated them. As soon as I reactivated my gigs I got a gigs promotion option and all of my gigs started showing in search. But this only lasted for one day. After 24 hours, I once again received a notification that my gigs were not suitable for promotion and all of my gigs disappeared from the search again. I again paused my gigs and reactivated them after two days and the same thing happened. I got a promotion for 24 hours and all of my gigs started appearing in searches. This keeps happening to me, I pause my gigs, and as a result, I receive a promotion option for 1 day and then it disappears. This happened to me four times. I don't know what is happening here. 

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