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  1. Hi Mam, Hopefully, you are fine and doing well. For anyone who wants to take his gig on the front page following three things are important: Try to use more than one keyword related to your category in the gig title. e.g. ( I will make youtube shorts and edit videos ) Here, youtube shorts and edit videos are two keywords. In the tags section, put tags that clients mostly search for when they visit Fiverr. Also In the description of the gig, you should use keywords that are related to your category.
  2. Hi there, The answer to your query... On March 26 Fiverr was down for a moment, I think this is the reason behind that. Best Wishes, Michael
  3. Hi there, Your thumbnail is looking good. But I suggest You some changes: Use some bold fonts Try to use attractive colors Don't use too much text on the gig image Your picture is looking blurry change it with a high-quality image in which You are well dressed. Best Regards, Michael
  4. Hi Mohin_Uddin, I suggest you do all seven gigs on the topics you are an expert on.
  5. You should use relative keywords in your gig title, tags section, and gig description. Also, remember one thing work on less competitive keywords so that you can get more orders.
  6. In my opinion, you should use your username that will be perfect for you and buyers.
  7. Yes, This is a new feature of Fiverr. Fiverr is becoming user-friendly day by day.
  8. Hello Zubair! Here is the answer to your question! Impressions mean the number of times your gig image appeared on the search bar. For example: when you search on youtube for songs etc, a list of videos appears on your Mobile or PC. So that is the impression that someone saw a thumbnail. Hopefully, you understand. .
  9. Hi, Zubair! Michael here, Hopefully, You are doing well. Answers to all your questions are below : At the start of your career on Fiverr, it is ok to have 40-50 impressions daily, and a single click You can improve this by using less competitive keywords and tags You will get your order very soon don't be disheartened I suggest you complete all your 7 gigs with good tags and keywords, eye-catching descriptions, and affordable prices! Best Regards, Michael
  10. Here is the answer: Include more tags related to the topic in Gig Title Put five less competitive keywords in the tags section( remember that they should match your gig title ) Use keywords in your gig description( but don't stuff them )
  11. Hello Rakib, everyone on Fiverr wants to get more and more orders. For this, you have to be skilled and professional in your field. Improve your skills and be up to date. Deliver orders on time, according to buyers' needs then they will come back to you in the future. By doing so, you can get more orders on this platform. Greetings, MICHAEL.
  12. Hey Sabbir, don't be worried that your gigs are going down. You should just change the tags that we use during the gig creation process. > Hopefully You remember those five tags.
  13. I just checked your gig. That was good. But I think you should do some changes to it. Suggestion for you: > Use your image in the gig, Buyers like it.
  14. Ok, Irfan, I understand you are very worried about the problem mentioned above. I suggest that you visit Fiverr customer support they can help you better.
  15. Ok, so if you want to take lot of orders on fiverr, first of all you should make all your seven gigs, and then see which gig is performing better than work on that specific gig and be expert in your work. Try to rank your gig to first, second or at least third page. Then you will have more opportunities to get orders. Be patient don't worry if orders are not coming yet work hard on fiverr you will get orders very soon.
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