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PLEASE Help, Fiverr Verification, USELESS Customer Support



I am having trouble with the verification process, and I've been talking to customer support and every time, literally 3 replies from them is the 6 steps of verification. They don't seem to care what my reply is or what the actual problem is. 

PROBLEM: I followed the verification process, scanned with phone, selected country, choose ID, then continued to taking a photo of a piece of ID, and I submitted the ID. Then it asks for my selfie, the camera then turn on, but it is the BACK FACING camera (no the front facing). On top of that, the camera is completely glitched out, angled downwards and zoomed in, skewed to one side. It is physically not possible to take a photo. I've attached a video screenshot recording so you can see what I mean. During he selfie portion, I have the phone in portrait orientation, pointing directly and squarely at my face.

I'm using an iPhone 12 Pro Max. I've tried restarting my phone, turning off VPN, reconnecting the wifi, clearing browsing cache, making sure my browser has all the permission, making sure my phone front facing camera is functioning flawlessly. As I've said before, the Fiverr customer support answer is to tell me the 6 steps of verification and just go do it.

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